Following partners participate in the DICE project:

  • NCBI logo

    NCBI logo

    National Council for the Blind of Ireland (NCBI): The National Council for the Blind of Ireland (NCBI) is the primary service provider to the blind and partially sighted population in the Republic of Ireland, providing vision assessment, information, advice and support. It has a nationwide network of community resource workers and trainers who provide rehabilitation, counselling, employment support and training in mobility, daily living skills, computer skills and the use of assistive technologies. NCBI sells, supports and maintains assistive hardware and software. The NCBI Centre for Inclusive Technology (CFIT) is a centre of excellence in digital inclusion and accessibility of digital technologies, websites and online services. CFIT provides consultancy services in accessibility assessment and user testing of websites and online applications and has a fixed user testing facility. NCBI has significant experience working on EU funded projects under Leonardo, Socrates, IST FP4-7, ESF main claim, Employment Initiative and others.

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    IADT logo

    Institute of Art, Design & Technology (IADT): IADT is a Higher Education Institute established under the Institutes of Technology Acts 1992-2006. The Institute has approximately 2,500 students and 400 staff. IADT’s vision is to be at the forefront of teaching, research and innovation and to contribute to Ireland’s development as a creative knowledge economy. IADT has undergraduate & postgraduate programmes in creative media, multimedia technology, enterprise and psychology that are linked to its strengths in film and television broadcasting production. IADT specialise in teaching, research & innovation at the convergence of the arts, technology & enterprise.

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    PhoenixKM logo

    PhoenixKM: PhoenixKM BVBA has extensive expertise in the fields of accessibility consultancy. It is focused towards the integration of people with disabilities in every aspect of daily life, and aims to achieve its goal by aggregating knowledge, expertise and experience in the field of education, training, and employment, and making it available to the targeted user groups through well-defined consultancy services, as well as private and publicly funded projects by its dedicated experts. PhoenixKM carries out these services and initiatives throughout Europe, but also beyond. They also have a new department that provides advice on the successful usage of social media in various business domains (media, music, service provision). Increasingly, this knowledge is being applied in all business domains in which PhoenixKM is being active, including the accessibility ones, hence also focus on accessibility training for social media usage and document creation. These trainings are provided to private and public sector.

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    FIRR logo

    Fundacja Instytut Rozwoju Regionalnego (FIRR): FIRR is Polish non-profit NGO with a status of the public benefit organization. FIRR interest is related to groups in situation of social exclusion, especially disabled people. Our clients are mostly visually impaired people. We put our effort to enable them to fully participate in all daily activities. FIRR provides them with trainings in the following areas: foreign languages: English and German, information technology and assistive technologies, image creation, etc. We also provide individual consultations, mainly supporting in the use of modern information technologies. Modern technologies are among our main fields of interest as a tool to quality, independent, inclusive and active life. In all those areas access to information is one of main fields of our interest. FIRR has initialised many projects, actions and partnerships aiming to promote, teach and enforce implementation of accessibility standards of web content, services and interfaces for people with disabilities.



    Interprojects: INTERPROJECTS Ltd. is a training provider, having its activities fully directed towards people with disabilities and elderly people. The company was established in 2006 and up to this moment in our business activities involves more than 8562 diabetics, 10% of which are children, 2000 disabled people (including mild disability) and 453 women with breast cancer. They all have been instructed how to use their aid equipment, have been given health consulting and tutoring in prophylactics of their diseases. The team of INTERPROJECTS has managed and participated during several national and international projects in the field of accessibility issues, career orientation and guidance, employment, mentoring, e-games and networks of employers of disability, education, and unemployment mostly for people with disabilities, particularly at graduate and managerial levels, and all have had an emphasis on IT and web-resources, paper-based materials and Braille.