DICE project presented at the European fair in Plovdiv

The 4th European Fair of social economy enterprises took place on 26-29 March, 2015 in Plovdiv. Interprojects Ltd. participated with its own stand at the exhibition, where visitors had the opportunity to learn about the training materials developed in the framework of international initiatives funded by the Lifelong Learning Programme.

Visits to our stand exceeded 250 a day, and among the projects of great interest was DICE and in particular the created portal for communication and mutual support between people with disabilities and the so-called champions in the field of digital technology. Disabled people themselves who visited our stand said they would register in the portal and would use its features as for them it is a chance to gain practical advice and support from their peers with more knowledge.

The exhibition was accompanied by thematic roundtables and discussions. In addition, visitors could ask questions and commented on the content of the presented on the stands goods and services. During the four days of the exhibition the team of Interprojects Ltd. answered numerous questions in relation to the opportunities for registration and use of the features of the portal Digiplace4all.

Among the most frequently asked questions were whether users could enjoy free consultation and how long the portal would function. A number of registrations and requests for support were made in the portal after the end of the Fair.
Overall, these four days were a period of many fruitful contacts, which certainly expanded the list of the stakeholders who will in future be included in the project activities and contribute to the promotion of its results.